Thursday, September 30, 2010

"She Filled Out A 1099"

Meg Whitman says that as far and she knew the housekeeper she hired was a legal resident because "she filled out a 1099" form. Interesting. I'm not sure that she helped her cause all that much with that statement.

A 1099 form is not something that a prospective employee fills out. The employer fills it out annually and sends it to the IRS to report payments made to a non-employee contractor, with a copy to the contractor. If the housekeeper was an employee, a 1099 would not be involved, and such a form certainly would not be filled out by the employee.

She may be thinking of the form I-9, which is a form confirming that the employer has verified eligibility for employment, but it is not filled out by the prospective employee. It documents that the employer has inspected and verified the validity of the prospective employee's identification, and in very specific format. It is filled out and signed by the employer, however, not by the prospective employee.

Meg Whitman is this high-powered business person, running for governor on the basis of her massive business acumen, and she doesn't know what forms 1099 and I-9 are? Really?

That sort of goes along with her record of not voting in past elections. She is campaigning for stronger employer verification requirements, but she doesn't even seem to know what the present requirements are.

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