Sunday, September 12, 2010

Deteriorating Discourse

On a supposedly liberal blog one of the posters decried an image used by Fox News, among other right wing sources, which displays as red dots where human remains were found around the Twin Towers after 9/11. The purpose was to show that some of them were less than 1000 yards from the “Ground Zero mosque,” as if that proved anything.

The poster said that “showing this image was grotesquely stupid,” and displayed the image with the post. When I commented that if those people who displayed the image were “grotesquely stupid” then what did that make him for displaying it, I was referred to as an “ignorance troll.” Apparently displaying the image is necessary in order to inform people what the “grotesquely stupid” people are doing, otherwise we might “remain ignorant.”

Discourse continues to deteriorate in this country.

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bruce said...

Not to mention they can't spell &/or use grammar correctly.

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