Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Executive Order on DADT

I finally learned the basis for an executive order ending DADT. I had forgotten that a federal judge recently ruled the law upon which the practice is based unconstitutional, so Obama could simply not appeal that ruling and order the military to knock off the practice. I could actually live with that but, since I really don't like this nation being ruled by executive order, would feel a bit hypocritical in the process. Not enough so to make me rail against him for doing it tho; not even enough to make me refrain from applauding.

I'm not sure he would even be "circumventing the will of Congress" if he did that. I actually think Congress does want to end DADT; they just don't have the courage to do it, so he might be doing that bunch of cowards a favor.

Advocates of DADT repeal have been saying that he could end it by executive order since long before that ruling, though, so I still want to know what their basis was.

Meanwhile, hold your breath for the troops who are going to be running out of bullets on the battlefield, though -- that was a defense spending authorization bill that Republicans defeated in order to prevent gays from serving openly, thereby illustrating how much they hate the troops.

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