Friday, September 24, 2010

Stop The Presses, Yet Again

I don't usually comment on this kind of trivial bullshit, but I found this piece to be truly awesome. A bit over twenty-eight years away from my last drunk, I'm hugely unimpressed by people going to AA meetings before their court dates when they are expecting jail terms for drug/alcohol probation violation, especially when they make a public spectacle out of it and stop to pose for the photographers on their way out of the meetings. I also find it remarkable that the media seems to regard two days in a row as some sort of "sustained effort" or notable achievement.

Update: Well, that worked out really well for her. The judge ordered her to jail today, where she will be held without possibility of bail until the formal hearing on Oct 22nd. Seemingly, the judge was about as impressed by the AA meetings as I was. I think I like that judge.

Update again: Well, for a moment there I had the fond thought that we might have "equality under the law." I forgot what huge wads of money can do in American courts. The rich are treated differently in every respect in this country than are people who do not carry around filthy amounts of cash. We have actually become, formally, a class society with one set of laws for the upper class and a different set for the lower class. This is utterly disgusting.

I want to see photos of that judge's new yacht.

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bruce said...

Lots of good comments posted below that article. Tell them to come back after 6 months of continuous attendance. Or better yet, leave the meetings anonymous out of respect to the other people (LL wants the publicity, naturally). Best yet, have the whole media leave LL alone, and in her solitude, maybe she'll finally clean up (or do a death spiral, but that's just a possibility, not a wish).

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