Thursday, September 30, 2010

Note to/from ESPN

If it's time for SportsNation and both Colin and Michelle are absent, just cancel the show, dude. The show really struggles with either one of them gone, but without both of them... It's just not the show. Blow it off.

Quote of the day from Scott Van Pelt, an email from an LSU college student. "Nobody wants to set (football coach) Les Miles on fire because that would be murder, but if he's on fire and staggering through the campus it might be quite a while before anyone turned the garden hose on him."

Now that is a bit harsh. Admittedly there has been some risky play calling, but they are 4-0 against some pretty good teams, and they are ranked #12. They are at home against Tennessee this weekend. Geaux Tigers.

Alabama is at home against the abominable Florida. Roll Tide.

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