Sunday, September 05, 2010

Voting For Crazies

Republicans are doing about as many things wrong as can be imagined, and the liberal media (that portion which actually is liberal) is taking note of that and predicting that it will backfire and result in Democrats holding onto Congress in the fall. That might well be the case, except for one detail – Democrats are doing even more things wrong.

Democrats passed all of this wonderful legislation, but they had so little confidence in it that they made sure that none of it would take effect until after the elections. They cannot, therefor, campaign on it now because the voters will use two simple words, “Show me,” and they can’t. So concerned were the Democrats about avoiding any possible negative effects of that legislation on their reelection in the fall, that they also managed to kill any positive effects that it could have had. Brilliant.

They ignored the actual opponent and ran against a non-running ex-President in 2008 and it worked, so now they are planning to repeat success by ignoring the actual opponents and running against the same non-running ex-President, now non-incumbent, in a non-presidential election. Absolutely brilliant.

Democrats are screaming about the “return to Bush policies,” but the only ones who think that voting Republican will return George Bush to office are the Democrats who are screaming about it. Republicans and, increasingly, Independents think that voting Republican will do two things: it will bring Republicans into office who are not George Bush, and it will, get these idiotic incompetent Democrats out of office.

Republicans will do tax cuts for businesses, push ineffective lending programs, talk about reducing the deficit without actually reducing it, and will cut Social Security after we elect them. Democrats, meanwhile, are doing tax cuts for businesses, pushing ineffective lending programs, talking about reducing the deficit without actually reducing it, and will cut Social Security after the fall elections when it’s too late for Democratic voters to punish them for doing it.

Don’t vote for the crazies? The crazies are already in office.

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