Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Relevant Facts

Keith Olbermann last night used as his “Worst Person winner” the “news media in general” for failing to adopt a bogus argument for approval of building the “Ground Zero mosque” near but not at “Ground Zero.”

It turns out that the World Trade Center towers actually contained two mosques before they were attacked and destroyed, one in each of the two buildings. No one had discovered, or more accurately recalled, that fact until it was pointed out in The New York Times by Samuel G. Friedman on the 9th anniversary of the event.

Says Olbermann, “there was nobody who mentioned this stunningly relevant fact” until then, nobody had pointed out that, “There were two Mosques in Ground Zero the moment it became Ground Zero.”

Perhaps nobody mentioned that fact because not only is that fact not “stunningly relevant” to the discussion, it is not relevant at all, and for more than one reason. Those who object to the “Ground Zero mosque” do so because it is supposedly being built on “hallowed ground.” The mosques in the towers were not on hallowed ground, because the ground was not hallowed until after the event, and the “Ground Zero mosque” is not being built on hallowed ground in any case, it is being built several blocks away.

Skip the bullshit "facts," there are plenty of relevant arguments.

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