Saturday, September 25, 2010

Nutjob Coverage

I don’t quite get the media’s and political blogosphere’s fascination with Christine O’Donnell. So she’s a nutjob; so what? She’s running for the Senate in one of the three smallest states in the nation and trailing by a large margin. Even if she won, she would be 1% of the Senate. How much impact would she have as 1% of a barely functional legislative body?

You want me to vote against Carly Fiorina (which I’m going to do anyway) because a nutjob is running in Delaware? (And losing.) What does my California vote have to do with Delaware? What does a Delaware race have to do with me? Does O’Donnell’s behavior mean that Fiorina is crazy? She’s not crazy, she’s merely repulsive.

I sort of get the media’s fascination. They don’t actually do news, and they don’t care about influencing opinion; they go for anything that is spectacular or eye-catching. The political blogosphere refers to the “lamestream media” as crippled and corrupt, and then copies its behavior. Yecch.

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