Friday, September 17, 2010

Olbermann Is A Twit

I think I may be about done with Keith Olbermann; his show has turned into an hour-long anti-Republican screed with him screaming at the top of his lungs all night, and he has pretty much abandoned facts altogether. He’s relying increasingly on his “Twitter” account, which tells you everything you need to know about the intellectual content of his show.

Wednesday night he was castigating John Boehner for adding $4 trillion to the deficit to create “Republican tax cuts for the rich” and only “paying for $300 billion of it” with proposed spending cuts. He had Ezra Klein on to discuss the subject, and Klein pointed out that only $1 trillion of the added deficit was for “Republican tax cuts for the rich” and that the other $3 trillion was for “Democratic tax cuts for the middle class.” Klein went on to say, and rather pointedly so, that neither side was making much sense in the whole budget discussion.

Olbermann, of course, responded by changing the subject.

His anti-Republicanism has become frantic and delusional to the point that he really has become the Rush Limbaugh of the left. The same night that Ezra Klein shot him down in flames, an event that sailed over his head and of which he remained in blissful ignorance, he had Kris Kofinis on to support him with statements such as,

I mean, in terms of November, I think you have to do two things. I think you have to paint a very stark contrast between these two parties. And I think, in painting that in terms of the negative side is clearly framing these Republicans that would get in as an extreme, dangerous element. I think we have to go out there.

He went on in this vein at great length, and he did everything but wear a Halloween mask. I’ve met quite a few high school sophomores who could make a more cogent argument than that and, of course, Olbermann was nodding and agreeing throughout his moronic babbling. You may recall that Kofinis was a director of the campaign for John Edwards, a campaign that sank without a trace in just a few weeks, and he is one of Olbermann’s regular “visiting political experts.”

Olbermann also made, on the same night, the trenchant observation that Christine O’Donnell, newly elected candidate for Senator from Delaware, wears the same color clothing each day that Sarah Palin does. Well, she did on each of the two days that Olbermann reported on. Is that an impressive piece of political observation, or what?

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