Friday, September 03, 2010

Keith Olbermann, Buffoon

Keith Olbermann is becoming increasingly buffoonish. I realize that bar has been pretty low for some time, but it is really scraping the ground these days. Last night he spent some ten minutes on a diatribe about how bad George Bush was. I’m sure that made him feel good, but in what way was it contributory to a “News and Commentary” show?

Then he described a 531’ flagpole and said that the fact that it was “unsupported” meant that it was “not on top of a building.” I’m pretty sure that it actually meant that it was not supported by guy wires. My neighbor figured that out when I asked him, and he’s in the fourth grade.

He then went into raptures over the presidential aspirations of John Bolton. It should be noted, in all fairness, that Chris Matthews mentioned this subject too. Mentioned it. Chris did not discuss it at length and go into detail about wanting to hear the debate between Bolton and Palin. Nor did Chris have a guest on to discuss the subject at greater length.

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