Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Delusional Rantings

The degree to which people are able to decry the delusional rantings of the “other side” while ignoring the delusional rantings of their own side, and even engaging in delusional ranting themselves in the process, never fails to amaze me.

Digby had a post the other day in which she cited a film clip of an interview conducted by Sam Seder at the Glen Beck rally with a woman whom Digby says is “giving voice to her demons, the bad place in her psyche that mistrusts anyone who is different, the fearful place that feels like she is losing her natural born position in the world, that lonely place where she feels as if she's on her own while others less deserving are getting all the attention.”

How she gets that from anything the woman said is completely beyond me, as the woman sounds a little bit confused, but hardly psychotic to the degree implied by the description that Digby provides. Digby rants on at great length, including uncertainty about what will happen “once the human beast is unleashed,” and winds up sounding significantly more delusional than the young woman in the film clip.

But what Digby ignores is Sam Seder’s commentary which accompanies the interview. The woman makes the assertion, at worst, that Obama is a Muslim who pretended to be a Christian and attended Jeremiah Wright’s church because he needed to do that in order to further his political career. Sam Seder, in his discussion of the interview, is ranting about a “secret Islamist society” which “inserted” Obama into Wright’s church for nefarious purposes which his incoherence leaves unclear.

The least delusional person in the bunch is the young woman in the clip who Digby and Sam Seder are castigating for thinking that Obama is a secret Muslim.

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