Thursday, September 23, 2010

Olbermann is Ignorant

We knew that of course, but... Anyway, in his "Worst Person" segment last night he was reporting on the excellence of the VA Hospital system and said that, "Despite the Walter Reed debacle, veterans report satisfaction with their treatment in the VA system..." Walter Reed has nothing to do with veterans' satisfaction at VA hospitals, since it is not part of that system but is a US Army Medical Center, a phrase that Olbermann himself used repeatedly when reporting that "debacle." The US Army and the Veterans Administration are entirely separate organizations, a fact of which Keith Olbermann might actually be unaware.

It's sort of pathetic that the only time Olbermann can speak well of the VA system is when he is using it as a means of speaking ill of someone in one of his "Worst Persons" segments.

Lest anyone forget, we have Bill Clinton to thank for that satisfaction. The VA medical system was a national disgrace until he recognized and acknowledged the problem, named the right person to head the system and allocated money which turned it into one of the best medical facilities in the country, a medical system that this nation can actually be proud of.

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