Monday, September 13, 2010

Kicking It Around, Updated

A raspberry to those who have questioned Alabama's #1 ranking. Roll Tide.

Somebody needs to tell the Georgia defense this is not touch football any more; putting two hands on the ball carrier is not sufficient, it is necessary to actually bring him to the ground. Did Kansas actually beat Georgia Tech? As an SEC fan, I’ve always known the ACC was a lesser conference, but…

I’m surprised that I didn’t get a phone call from my sister when Utah won and BYU not only lost but embarrassed itself. Independent powerhouse loses to Air Farce? She probably would have called had not San Diego State gone 2-0 for the first time in several decades.

I only watched the first half of the Virginia Tech game. One announcer on the field said that their uniforms looked "even worse in person that they do on television,” but they were giving me a headache on television. I realize this is not a fashion show, but, good God.

This NFL weekend is an excellent example of why the first string should get more playing time in preseason games. The overall level of play was abysmal. Even the teams that were winning played like amateurs; like this was the first time since last year that they were handling the ball. They were not even close to being ready to play.

The McNabb trade is looking like something less than genius at this point. Washington beats Dallas, Eagles lose and, even before his concussion, Kolb looks considerably less than stellar. After his concussion, of course, he looked, um, absent, but…

San Diego in Kansas City tonight. It means I have to listen to those idiots on ESPN screaming at me for three hours. The KC coach is saying that, “Oh yes, we know that we can’t beat a team like San Diego. We’re just going to try not to embarrass ourselves.” Which really means, “We’re laying in the weeds and intend to kick their ass.”

And, of course, some idiot on the news last night observed that San Diego and Kansas City are "tied for the lead in the division" since Oakland and Denver both lost. Sigh.

Update, Tuesday am: That would be tied after no games, BC, as they were meeting in a mutual opener Monday night. That opener turned out to be another exercise in unreadiness, another example of why the first string should be played in preseason.

Unfortunately, it means we will be listening, wrongly, to how Vincent Jackson should have been signed. Legedu Naanee revealed with that piece of showboating when he scored that the team's character has not changed. He should be fined for it, but will not even be criticized. His dropped passes, one of which cost the team a touchdown, will also be overlooked. What the team will talk about will be his 59-yard touchdown, which was caused mostly by a KC major error, and during which he displayed a gross lack of character. Same old Chargers.


Bartender Cabbie said...

Tied for the lead after one game.

momlee said...

Your sister didn't call because she didn't figure she needed to (call). Besides, she was busy celebrating.

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