Sunday, September 26, 2010

Alabama at Arkansas

I never doubted that Alabama would win that game. Not for a minute. Never. Not at all. Not the slightest moment of fear or indecision. Never any doubt.

Well, maybe just a little bit, at times. *LSU won, too. Geaux Tigers.

Update: Wait a damn minute or two here. "Mallet collapsed." "The Hogs gave it away." Mallett threw the ball away because he was about to get killed by two members of the Crimson Tide who had demolished the offensive line of the Arkansas Hogs. Alabama hammered and hammered and they wore the Arkansas Hogs slap out, because that's what Alabama does. Alabama beat a very good team. Arkansas did not give up and nobody collapsed. Arkansas walks off that field with their pride fully intact. They met the number one team in college football and, while they didn't win, they certainly made the big dog sweat.

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Bartender Cabbie said...

The Hogs gave it away. I feared that would be the case. Was uneasy all game. Bama is going to awful hard to beat I think though they have a tough next couple of weeks. I am not a fan of Saban or any other coach that bolts to another team from the same conference, but he sure knows his business. Do you think that Ohio State, Oregon, Boise or anybody else can play with them consistently? I think maybe the Buckeyes would be capable. Lot of football left to play though. It is an interesting year.

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