Friday, September 10, 2010

Idiots Discussing An Idiot

This idiot in Florida, the one who has managed to attract 50 people to his fundamentalist congregation in the heart of bible belt country, who was thrown out by his congregation in Germany, and who thinks that burning books is an act of Godliness, reached a pinnacle of newsworthiness yesterday by lying about an agreement with the founder of the “Ground Zero mosque,” an agreement which he portrayed as a “sign from God” that the book burning was not needed.

He did not say that God told him the book burning was bad, or that it was a bad idea, but merely that it was not needed. Apparently the mere threat of it had served God’s purpose. Although if the relocation of the mosque was an act of God, then why didn’t God just do it, without all the histrionics involving book burning? The Florida idiot was not asked that question.

Now, the Florida idiot’s announcement of this historic agreement, the one which doesn’t actually exist, was probably worth mentioning on the news before moving on to about two dozen other things which are currently happening and which are actually important. You know, things which will affect the future of our nation, like elections and such.

Chris Matthews didn’t think so. Chris Matthews thought that the Florida idiot and his historic non-agreement was worth an entire hour, complete with a "Breaking News" banner. Chris Matthews thought that he needed to discuss the Florida idiot with about twelve different “experts” of various stripe. I watched Chris Matthews display this stunning degree of idiocy with the sound off while I was reading a book, just in case he might display a trace of sanity by discussing some other subject. He did not.

I’ve said it before: Chris Matthews is an idiot.

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