Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Great Governator Debate

I swear I actually did watch the Great Governator Debate last night, and I did stay awake through the whole thing. It was reported today as being “contentious,” but I don’t think the writer of that article and I have quite the same definition for that word.

I took almost nothing away from it except that Meg Whitman is not trying to “buy the election,” she is merely using her money to “get her viewpoints out there.” I guess that means she doesn’t want anyone to vote for her. If, however, she is elected as governor she does not feel it would be her job to “boil the ocean.” I think I’m glad to hear that, but it’s not really consistent with her intention to suspend environmental regulation laws.

Jerry Brown says that he could have not done anything about the schools as Mayor of Oakland since the School Board is not under the Mayor but didn’t explain why, that being the case, he promised when running for that office to make the schools better. Nor did he explain how that was consistent with his boast that, as Mayor, he created a whole bunch of charter schools.

Meg Whitman, asked about her ads which has labeled as “factually inaccurate,” replied that she does not accept the premise of the question and not only repeated the “facts” cited within the ads in question, but expanded on them. Take that,

Meg also is really sorry that she has never voted in any election since she has lived in California, and admits that “it was the wrong thing to do.” She did not go so far as to offer any explanation as to why she has never voted. She seems unclear on the whole election thing, actually; voter, votee…

Jerry Brown was asked to assure voters that he would really focus on the office if elected and assured us that he is too old to run for president again and that, since he is now married, he would not be hanging out in bars. Well, okay then, that gets my vote.

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