Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Social Security "On The Table"

Ezra Klein in the Washington Post, “That doesn't mean that Social Security shouldn't be on the table when we look at how to balance the budget.”

The man is an idiot, or he is one of the group of liars who is using the federal deficit as an pretext upon which to gut the Social Security program. Social Security absolutely should not be part of the discussion on reducing the federal deficit for one simple reason; the program’s cash flow is not part of the federal budget, and does not contribute to the federal deficit.

In all fairness to Klein, he’s saying Social Security should be discussed but not reduced, but he is still wrong. It should not even be discussed. It’s like saying that “scrapping some ships should be on the table when at look at how to deal with the housing crisis.”

Of course, Social Security will be “on the table,” and Congress will agree to the presidential commission’s recommendation cutting Social Security after the fall elections, when it’s too late for Democratic voters to punish them for doing it.

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