Thursday, September 16, 2010

Absurdity of Debate

If you are making breakfast with someone whom you know is very likely to throw the grits into the fan and ruin the breakfast, do you,
a) take the freaking grits away from him,
b) turn the fan off or remove it from the kitchen
c) wait until he does it and freak out because breakfast is ruined.

Well, if you are a Democrat, you choose option (c) of course.

Democrats have been in control of Congress for nearly four years, and of the White House for nearly two, and there has been a tax issue pending for that entire time, one which has gone by the name of “the Bush tax cuts.” Democrats had to know that something needed to be done about that issue or it was going to bite them on the ass.

Democrats, whether through cowardice or stupidity, ignored that tax issue, perhaps hoping that it would go away. It did not go away, and now it has bitten them on the ass. Republicans are now claiming that they planned it that way, but they did not. Republicans are not that smart. As hard as it might be to believe, Republicans are even dumber than Democrats.

Democrats could have helped their cause by something so simple as changing the name of that issue, by starting to call those tax cuts something else. But they did not, and so now they are faced with the distasteful task of having to renew at least part of “the Bush tax cuts.”
How cool is that? “Democrats renew Bush tax cuts.”

They could have spent some time doing the “Agent 99 thing” and coming up with an alternate plan. Then they could let the “Bush tax cuts” become history and introduce the “Obama tax cuts.” But apparently the expiration of the Bush tax cuts, which has been pending for no less than nine years, caught them by surprise.

Democrats accuse the Republicans of not having a plan, but after controlling Congress for four years, they don’t even start talking about the Bush tax cuts until two months before the elections, and even then they have no tax plan other than the Bush tax cuts with a minor tweak of boosting the top rate from 35% to 39%. That’s where it was under the Clinton Administration, so even that tweak is not an original idea.

And when they finally do start talking about their non-plan they don’t even have a name for it other than “the Bush tax cuts.”

Seriously: Democrats have been in control of Congress for almost four years and they have no tax plan upon which they can put their brand.

President Obama has been in office for almost two years and he has no tax plan upon which he can put his name.

As a result, six weeks from an election the discussion is about in which form a Democratic Congress will extend a Republican tax cut package.

It pretty much doesn’t get any more absurd than that.

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bruce said...

precisely how are the Rubs dumber than the Dems?

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