Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Obama and Afghanistan

A Washington Post headline says that the White House doesn’t dispute the picture that Woodward’s book paints of Obama and his position regarding the Afghanistan decision making process.

From what I’ve read in reviews of the book, I would say not. It paints Obama as studious and analytical, which we already knew. It says Petraeus didn’t much like Obama, which to me is a major point in Obama’s favor. It portrays Obama as focused on an exit strategy and as being determined not to become mired in a long-term mess there. "I'm not going to do ten years..." None of that sounds the least bit unflattering to me; quite the opposite. I would hope the White House would not dispute that.

The media paints his staff, who were giving him a differing set of viewpoints as "an administration that was rife with infighting." How about an intelligent bunch of people who don't all think alike and who are not robots who tell the President whatever Rahm Emmanuel tells them to tell him. They don't, in other words, put the President inside an information bubble, which might actually be to this country's advantage.

Of course the idiots in the media are trying to make it sound like Obama was an idiot and some kind of surrender monkey throughout the process. Good luck with that.

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