Tuesday, November 01, 2011

If Occupy Wants Change...

The San Diego Union-Tribune is “sympathetic to some of the Occupy movement’s strong views” today's editorial says, although it does not specify which of those views it is sympathetic to other than some rather weak blather about banks selling homes based on market speculation. The paper seems to think that Occupy is pissed off only about the housing bubble and housing prices, which would indicate that the paper is living in some sort of isolation bubble of its own.

It goes on to say that Occupy should “do what protest movements have done historically” to achieve its purpose, which is “promote your views and go to the polls” to, and this is where it gets really silly, “support those whose values you share” whatever the hell that means.

I’m sure that whatever idiot wrote this drivel does believe that, because it would promote his/her vested interest in the continuation of the status quo. I’m not sure if Occupy is going to achieve anything or not, I fear it will not, but it’s a damn sure cinch that what the editor of the Union-Tribune proposes has accomplished nothing in the past and will accomplish nothing in the future.

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