Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Halal Thanksgiving

I am delighted to say that the turkey sitting in my refrigerator, waiting to be cooked tomorrow for reasons that have only partly to do with the most important football game of the weekend, is a Butterball. I'm sure that will thoroughly piss off Pam Geller, and that actually adds to my pleasure. I am going to enjoy every moment of cooking that bird.

My nephew learned to speak Pashtun while he was serving in Afghanistan.
I may call him and get him to teach me a few phrases to mutter over the bird while I am preparing and cooking it.

The "most important" football game? Oh, you silly, poor benighted people. Arkansas at LSU, of course. Geaux Tigers.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


  1. bruce9:59 PM

    Butterballs are good ones, to be sure. Actually, halal and kosher slaughter if done properly is no worse in terms of animal suffering than any other. Pam Gellar needs to get a life. And have tofu for thanksgiving.

  2. and the Tigers had Hog for Thanksgiving. For which they were thankful.

  3. And why are you reading this woman's drivel in the first place? Especially when you know she is wrong on so many levels?