Monday, November 21, 2011

Three Way Tie

Today is Monday. Arkansas plays LSU in "Death Valley" on Friday, and Alabama meets Auburn on Saturday, and sportscasters are having erudite discussions with wrinkled foreheads about how to resolve the "three way tie" that results from LSU losing and Alabama winning. One idiot says that would put LSU in third. Morons.

Update, 7:30am: The "morons" comment was not about the inaccuracy of their speculation, but about the speculation itself. I have a revolutionary idea, let's wait until the games are played and then discuss what should be done about the rankings based on the results of the games.

Sort of reminds me of the "talking heads" on the political shows. "Well Fuddpucker could win in Iowa eight months from now and then that would cause turmoil in Zanzibar, which would give him a lead going into the Lower Slobovia primary." Unless, of course, he is first caught having relations with a goat on the steps of the capitol prior to Iowa.

Case in point: watching a bunch of idiots babbling on "This Week" about how "the Republicans don't want Romney." Actually, I don't think the Republicans really care who they get; they just want Obama out. It's the media that doesn't want Romney, because he doesn't say all sorts of radical and idiotic things for them to laugh and giggle about.


  1. It is the system. It is hard to figure. IF LSU loses to the Hogs what then? Bama has beaten the Hogs (handily) and LSU edged Bama. It may be all moot though. The Auburn/Bama match up may solve all the angst.

  2. Or, the LSU/HOGS MATCHUP WILL. Fool.

  3. LSU will be number one if they win. No matter the outcome of the Iron Bowl. That goes without saying. What do they do if the Hogs and Bama both win? Who would be number one? Guess we will find out in a few short days.