Sunday, November 27, 2011

Well, That's Okay Then

Pakistan is in a major uproar over an American a NATO attack on two military bases inside Pakistani territory which killed at least 24 of its people. Now our loyal, honest and trustworthy allies, the Afghan government is saying that the Pakistanis fired first, so that's okay then. The Pakistanis are the bad guys for firing on us when we send heavily armed military helicopters across their borders, and they should expect to lose lives when they do something that stupid. Next we will hear that they somehow lured us across the border. Taunting, maybe.

Update, still Sunday morning: Oh, my bad. It turns out that it was at night and that American and NATO forces received fire from across the border while they were still in Afghanistan, and they then called in the air strike. They do not explain why, when receiving fire from Pakistani territory, they bombed the shit out of Pakistani forces instead of simply departing.

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