Saturday, November 05, 2011

The Last One Is Gone

I stopped watching Rachel Maddow a long time ago. I am perfectly willing to watch women do political commentary, and I do so fairly frequently, but I’m not interested in watching a pre-pubescent girl do it.

I stopped watching Chris Matthews because he thinks that democracy consists of who is currently leading in which poll, and who is running what kind of campaign advertisement. He also got into a rut of having Howard Fineman on every show, who thinks that journalism consists of reciting who he has been talking to and what they have been telling him. Pah.

I watched Ed Schultz screaming at me only once. No thank you.

Cenk Uygur likewise. He’s been watching Rachel Maddow too much.

Don’t even get me started on Chris Hayes. Just… Don’t.

Lawrence O’Donnell seemed to have something going, but then I started having to record him so that I could fast forward through his nonsense. I’m learning that is a sign of a losing proposition, because eventually I forget to record, and then comes the time that I forget to record and realize that I don’t really care that I forgot.

This past week he has been on a rant, taking up pretty much the entirety of his show every day, over the accusations against Herman Cain. I don’t really care about Cain, and I particularly don’t care about vague, undetailed accusations leveled by persons who took money to remain silent and now want to keep the money and are hurling accusations through lawyers while remaining anonymous. Why anyone, let alone someone pretending to be a journalist, would take these people seriously escapes me, but O’Donnell has now essentially erased MSNBC from my television dial completely.

Well, okay, no, my television doesn't have a "dial." That was a metaphor.

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