Sunday, November 13, 2011

Maybe His Brain Exploded

There is a piece in Salon about why the GA (graduate assistant) at Penn State didn’t call the police when he caught Sandusky in the act of raping a young boy in the football dressing room shower. It’s in the form of a Q&A with Joan Tabachnick, who is described as “author of the National Sexual Violence Resource Center’s guide,” and Ms. Tabachnick basically says that the GA was so shocked that he didn’t comprehend what he was seeing, felt shame as having made the discovery, was overcome with concern about what would happen to the child if he did report it, was so overwhelmed with respect for Sandusky that he doubted his own instinct to think that the act was wrong, repeated that he was so overwhelmed by the monstrosity of the act than he could not comprehend it, and finally something about the Catholic Church hierarchy (even though this was a football coach at a state university) and challenging authority.

It is, without question, the most unmitigated pile of bullshit I have ever read.

The comments are pretty much universally to the tune of “he knew they would believe Sandusky’s denials and he would get fired,” which I suspect is precisely why he did not report it. Mostly along the lines of if the university was going to cover it up then he was certainly going to go along.

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