Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wierd Football Weekend

I missed the LSU/Mississippi game because I was at a funeral service, but a final score of 52-3? And how often do three of the top five ranked college teams lose in one weekend? And how often does the SEC West have the top three positions in the rankings?

Unlike some people I correspond with, I think LSU will defeat the Hogs next week, and we may be moving toward a LSU/Alabama national championship game. I know, I'm getting ahead of the game a bit.

The Chargers set a new record for bizarre today, in part because Chicago's #33 may be the sorriest excuse for a cornerback I have ever seen. Or maybe he just had a bad day, but it seemed that Philip Rivers could complete an 80-yard pass to Vincent Jackson any time he wanted to. Unfortunately, that doesn't help when you're in your opponent's territory and need to score with a short game, because that long bomb was the only thing the Chargers had.

The Chargers had zero yards of offense in the fourth quarter, running only four plays the entire quarter, two of which were interceptions thrown by Philip Rivers. In one case he was trying to throw the ball away, and seemingly could not find the sideline. That's sort of like not being able to hit the wall of a barn while standing inside the barn.

The Chargers can no longer take solace in "at least we are still leading the division," because they are now third fourth in the division, which has only four teams. Tim Tebow's team is second. (At the time of my original post the Kansas City game was not yet complete.)


  1. I have a feeling the HOgs will have their number. I don't have any real basis for that other than a feeling.

  2. bruce9:31 PM

    Actually I think the Chargers are 4th not 3rd...