Wednesday, November 02, 2011

American Values

Apparently a couple of women entered into an agreement to accept a rather large amount of money in exchange for silence about Herman Cain's peccadillos and now, having enjoyed the money for some years and wanting to keep the money, they have broken the silence and want to give details. They believe such bad behavior should not be concealed. Apparently they did not believe that some years ago when they did not have any money. There might be even more money available now for giving the details. Who knows, there could be a book. This is America. I am so proud.

The case of the young lady who was so miserable living in a mansion in Coronado that she tied her hands behind her back, tied her feet, gagged herself and then, after having done all of that, hanged herself from a second floor outdoor balcony naked, is being reopened by her family. The police demonstrated how it was possible for her to tie her hands behind her own back, a process which took something like five minutes, but failed to mention why she might do that. Of course Doctor Phil is involved in reopening the case and the outcome will be on his show. Did I say how proud I am that this is America?

John Corzine, former Democratic governor of New Jersey is having to answer for the failure of his financial firm, a multi-billion firm which did just fine for hundreds of years, failed within two years after he took it over and is now apparently missing hundreds of millions of dollars. This is the governor who was so unpopular that he resulted in the election of Chris Christie, a Republican governor in a state that formerly did not even know how to spell the word Republican. I just can't stop being proud of this country.

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  1. bruce9:37 AM

    Do I detect sarcasm? Gee, who'd have thought that?

    The Romans had bread and circuses and we have... well, (media) circuses. And also goes to show Dems are not immune to the peccadillos blamed on the Rubs.