Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Changing Times

All the rhetoric about how this country is a racist nation, and the uninterrupted history of police brutality takes me back to an incident I experienced sometime in the early 1970s. I was at a smallish party and was introduced to a man who, I was told, had come to this country from Poland. He said he had been here about a year, living in Atlanta, Georgia.

At one point I asked him what one thing most impressed him about America. He did not hesitate even slightly before replying, "One doesn't have to be afraid of the police."

He was black. Think about that for a moment.

Monday, December 20, 2021

Changing Times

Offered without judgement.

When I was in the Navy if a female sailor (they were known as WAVEs back then) got pregnant she was discharged. Today she is issued new, free, maternity uniforms. Might be a bit awkward on the deck of an aircraft carrier, but...

Well, okay, maybe a little bit of judgement.

Friday, December 17, 2021

For the Sake of Clarity

It seems I am losing my ability to communicate accurately, as the last several posts have led to readers completely missing the point I was trying to make. I will address just yesterday’s post for the sake of simplicity, a post in which readers suggested I was promoting misinformation and lies.

Let’s assume that Fauci’s statement in the first paragraph, that the vaccine will protect adequately from the Omicron variant, is true. It has been suggested that my comment in that first paragraph was was intended as contradiction of that statement, but that is not what I wrote. What I wrote was that the following content of the news report contradicted his statement.

I did not claim that the following content of the news report represented truth, merely that NBC News reported it. All of the “facts” in that material, about positive Covid tests in professional football teams and what have you, may have been lies and misinformation. I don’t know, and I don’t care. I did not present them for the purpose of making any argument about the validity or otherwise of the vaccine.

I presented them merely because they were things that the media was reporting along with Fauci’s statement that the vaccine is effective and with statements urging people to get vaccinated if they had not already done so.

The one opinion I offered as to vaccine effectiveness was when I said that I regarded the requirement for vaccinated persons to wear a mask as indication of the government’s lack of confidence in the vaccine’s effectiveness. That is not an unreasonable assumption. It was not intended as a reflection of my confidence or lack thereof in the vaccine.

Perhaps, for clarity, my last sentence should have read more along the lines of, Why would the media urge people to get vaccinated after reporting a host of lies and misinformation that seem to indicate that the vaccines do not work?”

I have no axe to grind. I don’t know whether the vaccine works or does not work. I don’t know whether or not it is dangerous. If you are vaccinated, I applaud you. If you are not, I don’t care. But I am able to think rationally, and I recognize when the media is printing gibberish, and it is that upon which I was commenting.

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Contradictions Abound

I watched NBC News yesterday evening and the contradictions contained within a single 30 minute news report boggled my mind. Fauci tells us the vaccine plus booster is working fine and will protect against the new Omicron variant, but everything else in the same news report contradicts every part of his statement.

More people have died of Covid this year, with vaccines available, than did last year before the vaccine was introduced. Hospitals are overloaded and staffs exhausted, just as they were last year. The head of the CDC proclaims her fears that it will "get far worse in the weeks ahead."

Professional sports is becoming more and more crippled by players sidelined due to positive Covid tests, despite a plethora of "protocols," vaccinations and frequent testing. The NFL Cleveland Browns, who are 95% vaccinated, have no fewer than 7 team members on the disabled list because they tested positive for Covid.

No few states, California among them, are again requiring masking in public venues even if vaccinated, which suggests to me that the government believes that the vaccine does not work, or at least does not work very well.


All of the above in one evening's news report. Why would the media urge people to get vaccinated after reporting multiple news items that seem to indicate that the vaccines do not work?

Monday, December 13, 2021

Nope, Insanity Increased

The article in the previous post was followed by one informing us that two cases of the "Omicron variant" had been discovered in San Diego and that both were in persons who were "fully vaccinated and boosted." The article went on to urge that  everyone who has not already done so should hasten to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

The article did not say why anyone should get vaccinated.

Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Hopefully, the Topper

Hopefully peak insanity has arrived, as NBC News tells us that two doses of the Pfizer vaccine will not protect you from the Omicron variant of the pandemic virus, but that three doses will keep you safe. They are, therefor, urging everyone to get yet another shot of the vaccine that they admit is not working.

Keeping to the American principle of, "If it's not working, do it harder or do more of it."