Tuesday, November 29, 2011

An Unworthy Cause

All of this froth about the 99% and the 1% is getting really old. If your income is $100k per year, which group are you in? Right, not only are you are one of the 99%, you are not even near the top of the 99%. Are you suffering? Do you live in squalor, or on the street? Do you wonder where your next meal is coming from? No, of course not.

Then why are these idiots “occupying” Wall Street to tell the 1% how miserable you are?

It’s a metaphor, you say. Well, if so, it’s a bad one. I am unmoved by the sad plight of people who live in homes of 3000 square feet. If you want to calculate what percentage of people are homeless and stage a propest for that number I am with you. Hell, just use the number of people in families living below the poverty line and I will listen to you.

Protest in behalf of people in need and I will pay attention. Protest against people who you believe have too much and I consider you to be greedy, selfish and ignorant. If you are religious envy is a sin, if not it is merely ugly and unbecoming.

If, on the other hand, economic inequality is your issue and you want to go to Washington and protest against legislators who pass laws which result in unequal economic opportunity, laws which result in destroying the level field upon which the game of finance is played, then I am with you all the way.

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