Thursday, November 10, 2011

Educational Priorities

Ohio State, USC, North Carolina, and now Penn State. Tony Barnhart has it exactly right that college athletics has lost its way and that, in a larger sense, higher education in this nation has turned into something pernicious and greedy which protects the cash cow that is represented by its athletic programs. The “conference realignment” nonsense is but a small symptom of that disease, and when it reaches the point that institutional greed is protecting child rapists something has to be done.

Certainly I am a huge fan of college football, but the images last night of large numbers of college students rioting in support of a football coach who actively abetted the sexual abuse of children sickened me. What are we teaching our young people, that they can develop such a priority? If the game has to be suspended on a nation-wide basis in order to restore football, a game for God’s sake, back into its proper place in the panoply of the college experience, then that should be done. Today.

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