Thursday, November 10, 2011

And Both Sides Are "Heads"

There is a massive, record-breaking storm hitting Alaska right now, and heading toward San Diego, so of course several climate change advocates are jumping on a bandwagon to claim that this proves their case. Sigh.

When there was a massive snowstorm last winter and climate change deniers claimed that it disproved climate change, these people were quick to say that “one weather event proves nothing,” and to trot out the “weather is not climate” defense.

But every time there is a massive rain storm they want to claim it proves their case. The reason that annoys me is that I am one of the people who thinks that the world’s climate is indeed worsening, and when these idiots do this they weaken the cause.

Just as when the National Weather Service predicted an unusually high number of large hurricaines for this year, these folks were quick to claim that as "proof" of climate change. Their case was, to say the least, rather seriously weakened when the predicted hurricaines failed to materialize.

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