Monday, November 14, 2011

Gingrich? Really? Newt?

I could understand Rick Perry rising to the top in the polls. Nobody knew who the hell he was, and he sounded... Well, okay, he sounded like an idiot, but he was providing the kind of idiocy that Republican primary voters love, and he can be rather charming. So it was understandable that before it became apparent that his IQ was in single digits that the Republicans voters would love him. I get it.

I could understand Herman Cain's rise, too, kind of. Nobody ever thought his IQ was above room temperature, but he had that tax thing with nines that low information voters (aka Republicans) could wrap their minds around.

But Newt? Newt has been around since dirt was invented and it is patently obvious that he is not only an idiot, but is childish and a spoiled brat as well. He has, to boot, a sour and nasty personality that I suspect even his mother could not tolerate. How is he getting any attention?


  1. bruce4:28 PM

    "low information voters" are not exclusively Republican. And "get their heads around.." makes me instantly think of your recent post about heads exploding.

  2. If Newt is the best they got then they are done.