Monday, November 07, 2011

Swooning Over Mediocrity

I predicted it last night and I was right, the local media is going bananas over the Chargers’ offense yesterday, notwithstanding three interceptions thrown by Philip Rivers, ignoring that the Chargers lost a third straight game, and ignoring the fact that the offense was playing against a pass defense ranked 31st in a league of 32 teams. Frankly, I find it hard to believe there is a team anywhere, at any level including Pop Warner, with a worse pass defense than Green Bay. I think you could put the Chargers cheerleaders on the field and they would play better pass defense than Green Bay did yesterday, if only by means of distraction.

The local postgame analysts kept saying repeatedly with great enthusiasm how happy they were that the Chargers “didn’t quit” and that “they kept fighting” when they were trailing. People… There is no provision in the NFL for throwing a towel onto the field to signal surrender as in boxing. They were playing against the 30th worst overall defense in the entire league, only two teams are worse, and Rivers was intercepted three times.

The Chargers lost to Kansas City last week and this week Miami wins its first game of the season -- against Kansas City, and by a score of 31-3. So Miami has a record of 1-7 and its one win is against a team that beat us, but the Chargers are not worried because “we're still tied for the Division lead” and do not have a losing record. Of course we don’t have a winning record, either, our quarterback leads the entire league in interceptions, and look at who we are tied with.

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