Monday, November 28, 2011

Vanishing Linebackers

They are called "the second line of defense." Their purpose is to be there when a running back gets past the defensive line, thus "line" and "backers." So Willis McGahee pops through the line of scrimmage and... Hello? The linebackers seem to be off on a sightseeing trip somewhere. Perhaps that's why management frowns on football players dating the cheerleaders. "Hey, you. Put the girl down and get back to work."

Norv Turner was at the podium after the game taking questions. Notice I did not say "answering" questions. Asked why he did not try to score at the end of the game, when he had the ball, 1:33 left and two time outs, he babbled something about how "we had had trouble getting it in the end zone" (which seemed to me to be all the more reason to keep trying), and about not wanting to get Philip Rivers hit (which seemed odd), and balls popping up. In other words he didn't try to score because he didn't want his team to make a mistake. How wierd is that?

But it got even more wierd. He was asked why the running back who was averaging six yards per carry was on the sideline when the Chargers were approaching field goal range in overtime and he stammered something about not knowing why Matthews came off and assuming he would be off for only one play, and that not only did he not know why Matthews had not returned to action, he did not even know that he had not done so. Norv is calling the plays, and he does not know which running back is on the field.

I have not been among those calling for Norv Turner to be fired, but that little tidbit has sold me. Norv Turner should go.

And one question I’d like to know, which Norv was not asked. Was Nick Novak aware that he had been shown taking a piss on the sideline on national television when he missed the winning field goal?

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