Monday, October 31, 2011

The Ineptitude Bowl

I gave up trying to decide whether the Chiefs or the Chargers were the most inept, bumbling idiots on the field, and decided it was the referees. That has nothing to do with partisanship, because most of the really ridiculous calls were in favor of my team. Neither of the two Chiefs' first half turnovers, for instance, both of them challenged by Kansas City, was a turnover; the runner was lying flat on his back on the ground when the ball came loose, and if the quarterback's hand was not moving forward, why did the ball fly fifteen yards toward the San Diego goal line?

San Diego was, of course, unable to score off of either of those two bogus "turnovers," so Kansas City should not be terribly upset. The real classic is that with 48 seconds left, at the Kansas City fifteen yard line and needing only to kick a field goal for the win, the Chargers fumbled the snap from center and lost in overtime. Awesome.

Green Bay next weekend, and I shudder to think about that. If we cannot beat a team that racks up 44 total yards of offense in more than two quarters, what are we going to look like against Aaron Rodgers? Yikes.

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