Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lying Liberal Media

Lawrence O’Donnell has long insisted that liberals are too reluctant to call out conservatives when they are dishonest, and too reluctant to come right out and accuse them of lying. He says liberals should not beat around the bush, but should call lies what they are, and call liars what they are.

Okay, Lawrence O’Donnell is a pompous lying jackass.

Last night he tore into Eric Cantor for being “so stupid that he does not know how bills become law in this land,” throwing an absolute tantrum on air, all but demanding that Cantor be expelled from Congress, and calling the people in Cantor’s district idiotic for electing him. He then called on Representative Barney Frank to support him in his outrage but Mr. Frank tried to calm him down instead, saying that Mr. Cantor was not that stupid but was merely grandstanding. O’Donnell would have none of it and continued his tirade about Cantor’s ignorance of the legislative process.

O’Donnell was lying. He knows very well that what Eric Cantor was doing was nothing more or less than political theater, really bad political theater admittedly, and his insistence on it being ignorance was a lie. Let me repeat, Lawrence O’Donnell was lying.

Then he tore into Senator Rand Paul, the one legislator with whatever it takes to stand up for our constitution and take on Obama for employing our military in a foreign land without Congressional authority. To begin with O’Donnell lies about what Obama did, referring to it as “his decision to join the enforcement of a no fly zone over Libya.” That is a lie and O’Donnell knows it. Obama led the way to creating that no fly zone, led the way to creating the coalition that participated in it, and was the sole authority which made the whole thing possible. To imply that the no fly zone was in place and say that Obama merely decided to join in is a lie.

Rand Paul is quoted by O’Donnell as saying that Obama should not have “initiated a war” without Congress debating and deciding on that action and then he lies when he launches into a pompous, indignant and downright Olbermannesque diatribe, repeatedly calling Senator Paul a liar and claiming that Paul declined that opportunity to debate that action when he allowed SR85 to pass by “unanimous consent.” That bill did indeed express that the Senate disapproved of Ghadaffi and would welcome his departure, and that it felt in principle that the UN should consider the possibility of the imposition of a no fly zone.

To stretch that to say that the Senate had thereby authorized Obama to use military force in Libya to accomplish what the Senate had expressed as being desirable in principle is an outright lie, and O’Donnell is a liar for claiming any such thing.

Is that sufficiently specific for you Lawrence?


Anonymous said...

Re: Rand Paul and the no fly zone resolution. There was no mention of any military action in the resolution title. Only the title was read on the floor (look at the congressional record). The resolution was 'deemed passed by motion without objection'. Rand Paul and others weren't given time to get back to the floor to object, in any event -- the whole thing took 40 seconds (it is on CSPAN) and Senators were never given a copy of the resolution to see what was in it. This was explained away by the fact that it was 'non binding'.

Jayhawk said...

And what does that have to do with anything?

bruce said...

well, it should not have passed with that kind of a time frame and lack of understanding, no matter what it was. And even if it was 'no military action' and 'non-binding' that kinda makes Jayhawk's point that O'Donnell is a lying jackass.

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