Thursday, March 31, 2011

Well Stated

This quote is from a comment at, and it is exceptionally elegant. I wish I had said it myself.

The United States suffers from excessive individualism. Too many people think, and are told, that "the Government" is an alien entity out to stifle them, when in reality, "the Government" is us, collectively solving problems that are too large to solve individually.

Update: in response to (deleted) insulting and personal comment:

I was intending to keep this upbeat and positive, but the person who made the comment which I quoted above went on to say that it was unfortunate that the government in question had been hijacked by self-serving politicians who had rendered it no longer the servant of the people but a tool for stealing from the common people and lining the pockets of the wealthy few.

I welcome honest discussion, including from people who do not agree with me, but comments which are gratuitously insulting and/or personal in nature will be deleted.

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