Monday, March 14, 2011

Supporting Democracy

To all of those who are clamoring for us to increase our already profligate use of military power by applying it to the situation in Libya, may I point out that doing so based on the grand premise that "we have to support those who are bravely engaged in a life or death battle in the noble quest for freedom and democracy" would demand that we do likewise for those who are engaged in the same battle in Bahrain, where we actually have military bases. That would mean that we would be engaged in combat with the armed forces of Saudi Arabia. How does that sound to you?


Bartender Cabbie said...

good point.
also I see that SDSU got that second seed. They may make some noise in the tournament.

bruce said...

No to Libya, as much as it pains anyone to not do it. No to Bahrain, also. I hate to see quadaffi do what he's doing, but it isn't our place to do this. Have we not learned?

If the UN wants a no-fly zone, and it is approved at whatever level it needs to be, then maybe we can do it, but only with some legitimacy and I'd like to see some other nations in on it, too, preferably some Middle Eastern ones.

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