Thursday, March 03, 2011

Westboro Baptists

I think these people, who make the "protests" at military funerals, are despicable, disgusting slime. I think that their beliefs are worse than misguided, their beliefs are evil and hateful. I hope that these people rot in Hell for all eternity for the additional pain that they inflict on people who are already suffering and who have done them no harm.

And I think the Supreme Court was entirely correct in its ruling that we may not restrict their right to speak in public, no matter how much we regret the vileness and hurtfulness of what they say. We either have freedom of speech in this nation, or we do not, and we do.

I do not want God to have mercy on the souls of these monsters, I want God to punish them in the fires of Hell for all eternity. Until then, we must not interfere with their right to speak their piece.

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bruce said...

While I wish that the USSC could have come up with something that would have struck down these protesters, I agree that (1) it is the correct decision however much you despise these protesters and (2) they are vile, nasty, misguided and un-Christian. Do you really think Jesus would approve of their actions? I won't presume to speak for the Almighty, but I can't see that He would see celebrating a death as anything good.

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