Thursday, March 24, 2011

When Does Spin Become Lies?

The Obama administration claims that what is happening in Libya this week “is a limited humanitarian intervention, not war.” I’m not entirely sure what that statement by Dennis Ross is supposed to accomplish, but… Suppose,

On Sunday, Russia flew 60 sorties over New York; Monday it flew nearly 80; on Wednesday it flew 175. At this moment, Russian pilots are bombing and shooting on the outskirts of New York City. Off the shores of New York, a bevy of Russian ships and subs have launched over 160 Tomahawk missiles at New York and Washington.

That would not be “war” would it? Of course not.

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bruce said...

well, it would depend on whether the Russian forces were targeting the Mafia /Tongs /Machetes whatever that were fighting the Moscow Mutthead gangs, while the NYPD was helplessly protecting the banks in Manhattan. That would be "humanitarian".

Oh, I'm sorry, were we being sarcastic?

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