Thursday, March 24, 2011

Babbling Nonsense

Lawrence O’Donnell is big on mocking conservatives when they babble nonsense, but he is less aggressive about calling out fellow liberals for doing the same thing, even when they do it right in front of his face and on his own show.

He had Anthony Weiner as a guest last night, a liberal Democrat from New York, and not only failed to bat an eyelash but nodded sagely when Weiner said that the “individual mandate” portion of the “health care reform” legislation would be overturned by the Supreme Court because the Court does what ever the leadership of the Republican Party tells it to do. Weiner used more words than that, but I am not misinterpreting what he said.

Weiner than said that that the “individual mandate” being eliminated wouldn’t matter because “people seldom choose not to obtain insurance” when it is available and subsidized and so forth. He used Massachusetts as an example, which is hilarious, since that state’s health care plan does have the individual mandate, and his slip was incredibly transparent in his own words when he said that “only .67% of people in Massachusetts said no to getting insurance when they were forced to.” (emphasis mine)

Weiner’s next point was that once the individual mandate was eliminated the door would be open for Congress to reconsider and pass the “public option,” thereby proving that he had become completely unmoored from reality. O’Donnell merely thanked him for being on the show.

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bruce said...

well, the babbling idiot part is right on. Thanks for watching so the rest of us don't have to. You are performing a public service.

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