Thursday, March 03, 2011

Last Word: Lost

There is chaos throughout the Middle East which supposedly has serious implications for our national security and certainly has serious implications to our economy. There is activity in Congress which threatens to shut down our government. There is worldwide hunger caused by rising food costs. The war in Afghanistan rages on, with people being killed daily. Climate change threatens our way of life, and our government is trying its best to ignore it. Extraction of natural gas by the "fracking" process is poisoning the waters of large swathes of the nation. Our national infrastructure is crumbling. Our health care is still six times more costly than in any other developed nation, with no better results.

None of that merits discussion because the nation will be worthless anyway if unions are defeated in Wisconsin. Despair will prevail, and freedom will become a meaningless term, so why talk about anything else?

Except Charlie Sheen, of course. We need another 15 minutes of Charlie.

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