Friday, March 25, 2011

Well, It's All Gone Wrong Now

British journalists have been allowed into Tripoli to view the results of strikes by our missiles with their guidance systems that magically kill only militants and terrorists, and it turns out one of those missiles seems to have gone horribly astray. Journalists actually witnessed with their own eyes, "US-made missile fragments that damaged a farm on the outskirts of town and that were reported to have slightly injured a teenage girl." Now we are actually contributing to the humanitarian crisis ourselves, with these missiles that can no longer differentiate between militants, terrorists and teenage girls.

Each missile fragment is apparently stamped "Made in USA." I'm not sure when we started making missile fragments, or why. No, we don't make missile fragments when a missile blows up, the missile itself makes them.

I'm not sure I get the point. Journalists were "taken to see" the atrocities that our "coalition" is committing, and then they were shown one damaged farm and a "slightly injured" teenager.

"The US and Britain claim there have been no civilian casualties." And we know that because we are firing magic missiles that only kill militants and terrorists, just like the missiles we fire from drones in Pakistan.

Except the ones that "slightly injure" the odd teenage girl. I'm trying to picture a Tomahawk missile "slightly injuring" anyone. She was probably disguised as a militant and fooled the missile. Maybe she was going to a militant party.

I can afford to be light hearted here, because for all I can tell from this article about "attacks on civilians," the British and American claims about no civilian casualties may be entirely true. The reporter uses a lot of colorful language to say almost precisely nothing.

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