Thursday, March 03, 2011

Living Modestly

I just read an article about a person who said that her family was "living modestly." They had a house that was 1756 sqft with three bedrooms and two baths. They had three cars, one of which was a minivan. She considers herself a "victim of the war on the middle class" because she lost her job and had to take one that paid "a third less."

My parents raised four kids in a house that was 600 sqft, three bedrooms and one bath, and we never had more than one car. We were considered pretty comfortable because there were two bedrooms for the kids, and the car was less than five years old.


bruce said...

There is a war on the middle class? Who are the protagonists?

There is a widening gap between the have's and have-not's... The middle class might have taken the brunt of the economic downturn... But how much of the economic losses were fueled by over consumption in the first place?

The lady in the first paragraph ought to be smacked or something. That is not "living modestly" or else she is comparing her situation to Paris Hilton or something. Middle class my ass.

bruce said...

And she's not a "victim". A victim is a refugee in Darfur. A victim is a civilian caught in a roadside bomb in Iraq. A victim is a kid whose parent smokes crack and doesn't feed it. The "victim" mentality is a bunch of bullshit. Life will hand you a shovelful occasionally.. Wear rubber boot and dig yourself out.

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