Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Irrelevant Facts

A commenter on an earlier post said that I should not “let facts get in your of your sniveling.” Not entirely sure what that means, but I think it was an insult and that the commenter was disputing my assertions. Pretty funny, since it was the commenter who was insisting that GE is “a very profitable international corporation not paying taxes in USA.” Blind insistence that the investment firm GE Capital does not exist, merely because it serves the purpose of demonizing General Electric.

It also serves the purpose of claiming that “in USA international corporations do _NOT_ pay taxes. It's the Republicant [sic] Party way.” Let’s not pay any attention to the concept that the US has no authority to collect taxes on income earned outside of the country by non-domestic entities. Irrelevant to the argument, you know.

Let’s also skip the little fact that the most recent tax law was passed by a Democratic-controlled Senate and signed by a Democratic President. That is a minor detail that is not pertinent to the tax policy discussion of demonizing Republicants [sic] as well as General Electric.

Lets also disregard the little detail that, while corporations putatively pay legislators to pass tax policies favorable to them, the people of this nation indisputably elect these legislators, and keep reelecting them no matter what laws they pass. That is a mere detail, and the legislation that is against the peoples’ interest is entirely the fault of the Republicants [sic] and the corporations, and has nothing to do with the Democrats who were actually in the majority, or with the people who elect the legislators.

I’m glad we have all of those irrelevant “facts” properly debunked.

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