Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Subverting Government

Wisconsin Democrats continue to subvert the legislative process and, while accusing the governor of “refusing to negotiate,” are angry at him for offering compromise that they say does not go far enough to persuade them. Offering concession does not constitute “negotiation” unless the person offering that compromise surrenders completely to the minority position.

Whether you agree with the majority or not, and as it happens I don’t, Democrats in Wisconsin are corrupting the process of government to prevent the majority from prevailing. They are accusing the Republican governor of refusing to negotiate even though he has offered to meet a portion of their demands, and are demanding that he and the majority of the legislature accede to their position in its entirety.

Rachel Maddow, Ed Shultz, Lawrence O’Donnell and Chris Matthews are hailing the Wisconsin Democrats as heroes and are cheering them on while, in the very same news broadcasts, condemning and castigating Republicans in the United States Congress for doing exactly and precisely the same thing in every detail and respect.

Nothing could more perfectly illustrate the corrupt nature of our media than this. These broadcasters do not credit conservatives, Republicans, with any principles or belief systems. Their presentation is that Republicans do not actually believe anything, but are merely evil and corrupt bastards who have no goal in life other than to prevent the good, pure and wonderful things that Democrats believe in deeply and work tirelessly to implement.

When Democrats disrupt and bring to a halt the process of governance it is praiseworthy because they are doing it in the cause of noble and worthy issues; when Republicans do so it is because they hate the process itself and are trying to destroy the government and inflict chaos upon the governed.


bruce said...

So who is subverting govermnent? the media or the elected member of government themselves? The answer is probably both - they feed off each other anyway. No wonder the public is sick of politicians and to an extent the media. But we keep being fascinated and revolted by __ fill in the blank __

Bartender Cabbie said...

Very interesting. As for the Wisconisn Dems I believe it was Abraham Lincoln who said something like "if you can't have the whole cake would you take a slice." I believe he was talking to Black leaders of the era (F. Douglas?). I could be wrong about that but I think I recall this from readings of the time.
As far as Maddow, Mathews, etc. go; They are blatantly biased. Journalists they are not.

Jayhawk said...

"So who is subverting govermnent?"

The members of the legislature who are fleeing the state to avoid doing their duty, and the mob outside who are supporting them in that extra-legal action.

Anonymous said...

Republicans don't believe in anything but greed and destroying the working man. Republicans are basically borderline evil

Jayhawk said...

Anonymous is watching too much of Rachel Maddow and company, and is too stupid to think for himself.

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