Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Hope They Were Watching Pakistan

It turns out we are flying drones over Mexico to "help in the War on Drugs" now. Today's article in the New York Times assures us, and the Mexican people, that the drones are unarmed and that we are merely watching them, which may or may not be good news to the Mexican people.

It should be pointed out that we began in Pakistan by flying unarmed drones over their country, with permission from their government, to "help in the War on Terrorism" just a few nine years ago, and look where we are now. They are asking us to stop shooting Hellfire missiles from those drones and killing their people, and we're saying no.

This does not, of course, surprise me in the least, and it will not surprise me at all when the drones over Mexico are armed with Hellfire missiles.

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bruce said...

"Clear and present Danger" was a novel by Tom Clancy, that had a few eerily similiar circumstances. Odd that "Debt of Honor" had another, namely a plane dileberately crashing into a government building.

I hope Mexico (and the US) does indeed learn from the Pakistan situation. We don;t want another camel's nose under the tent flap deal.

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