Saturday, March 12, 2011

Title Game Tonite

SDSU did their thing last night in Las Vegas; "their thing" being trying to give me a damned heart attack. Final was 74-72 over UNLV to advance to the MWC title game against, uhoh, BYU.

BYU was playing TCU when I was getting a haircut Thursday. TCU was leading, and I observed to the barber that it would be nice if somebody knocked BYU out of the tournament so that we didn't have to play them again. He said no, that we wanted to have "another crack at them to prove that we can beat them."

"Only problem with that," I told him, "is that we can't."

They're talking about Fredette and how they are going to contain him. Right. Maybe with an AK-47 or a hand grenade. Maybe his 52 points against New Mexico last night will have tired him out. And maybe pigs will fly. Maybe the aliens will win in Battle: Los Angeles, which I haven't seen yet.

To plaigerize Anna Russell, I believe that SDSU will beat BYU this evening. That's because I have faith. That's because I am loyal. That's becaise I believe. That's because I'm stupid.

Oh well, we have in invitation to the dance regardless.

3 comments: said...

Jimmer Fredette is an amazing player! As long as he stays hot, I still think BYU has a legitimate shot of advancing to at least the Elite Eight despite the fact Brandon Davies is suspended. It will be up to Fredette and Jackson Emery to lead the team to success!

Jayhawk said...

And he seems like a pretty nice kid, too. I want to hate his guts, but he just comes across as a pretty good guy.

momlee said...

Not with AK-47 - he plays for the Jazz. Seriously: Andrei Kirilenko, and his # is 47. And he gets called AK-47 a LOT.
Trust me - I want SDSU to beat BYU as much as you do. Don't know about my faith, loyality, belief and stupidity.
And yes, Jimmer does seem a nice kid, and cute, too.

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