Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Leadership Needed, Now

The president made another speech yesterday, and it seems that the worse things get in this nation, the less inspiring Barack Obama becomes. He says the same things over and over, and he says them with less and less enthusiasm.

He’s blaming the rating agencies and the Republicans for this latest debacle, but it happened on his watch. It happened because he is supposed to be in charge and he is not being in charge. No one is in charge. We did not elect him to be some kind of emotional counselor to lecture us about “togetherness,” we elected him to be the leader of this nation and he is not leading.

After telling us that we’ve already made a start on deficit reduction with spending cuts and that we’ve cut all we can on defense and domestic spending (which is bullshit), he tells us that,

What we need to do now is combine those spending cuts with two additional steps: tax reform that will ask those who can afford it to pay their fair share and modest adjustments to health care programs like Medicare.

Oh by all means, lets “ask nicely” for those “who can afford it” to “pay a fair share,” and lets “modestly” reduce the amount we pay for medical care for the elderly and infirm. Let's all play nicely together, children.

Our ship has hit an iceberg, we are down by the head and listing heavily to starboard, we are up to our ass in seawater in the engine rooms, and he’s talking about rearranging the fucking deck chairs.

“Making these reforms doesn’t require any radical steps,” he tells us. Homeowners have lost $8 trillion in equity, 12 million people are out of work, the stock market just lost 2000 points in less than two weeks. This nation has huge problems and he’s saying we don’t need radical changes.

Yeah, Obama, we do. Big problems need big men to solve them, and he has shown himself to be a little man, dithering fecklessly about “togetherness” while the nation is burning to the ground around him. We don’t need spending cuts at all right now, certainly not cuts that are nothing more than tokens. What we need is strong, dynamic leadership, and we don’t have it from this president.

And then he finishes by saying that “our troops will continue the hard work of transitioning to a stronger Afghan government and ensuring that Afghanistan is not a safe haven for terrorists.” For that I want him to rot in hell because that is the most lame brained, half-assed, dim-witted, stupidest, thoughtless, idiotic excuse for war that has ever been uttered in the history of mankind.

The terrorists are not in Afghanistan and they do not need Afghanistan. They can find “safe havens” in thousands of places all over the world. There is absolutely no reason for our soldiers to be dying in Afghanistan. Obama knows that and he is not even thoughtful enough, or caring enough about wasting their valuable lives, to make up a reason that can pass a smell test.

I am reaching the point of thinking that even a Republican would be better than this feckless, dithering, small man who is leaving this nation leaderless.


  1. I'm not sure I see any Republican who will be worth a damn either. At least at this point.

  2. Can't be any worse. Better to take a chance that we might get something better, rather than merely settling for the bucket of warm spit that we have.

  3. I see you've been reading the thesaurus again. I'm in agreement with this, but would like to point out that he isn't alone in this, the Congress is a festering pile of dog poo as well, and needs to look to waht's good for the nation as a whole and not their little fiefdoms and their re-elections.

  4. Forget Congress. This is not about Congress. This about an empty suit who we elected to be a leader and who could not lead a hound around the yard with a pork chop tied around his neck.