Monday, August 15, 2011

Baghdad Power Company

Our power went out at 9:00 last night and didn't come back on until about 10:15 this morning, an event which is almost becoming routine these days in our neighborhood.

SDG&E is doing its best to help the government turn us into a third world nation, as this is the third outage we've had in something like four months. One outage lasted a mere four hours, but another was 11 hours, and this one was 13 hours. No explanation is offered for the failure; not overload, as we are having a cooler than average summer, and they don't happen at peak times in any case; not weather, as there have been no monsoon storms in the state. They report "a combination of factors," as a cause.

When you call in you are told it will take one hour to repair, then you are told it will take three hours, then it will be six hours, then it will be eight hours, then it will be... I know that when I was in the Navy if I had provided that kind of estimating to my commanding officer I would be counting parts in Alaska as an E-1, only because the Navy does not have a rank of E-0.

So it appears that SGD&E does not have the equipment to be able to reliably deliver electrical power to its customers, nor does it have the training and expertise to repair their equipment when it fails. They are undoubtedly appealing to the utilities commission for a rate increase.

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